Sphinx 80x60  (oil- clays in water)

The blue woman 100x70 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays in water)

Maternity 100x70 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays in water)

Planets 80x60 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays in water)

Nostalgia 50x70 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays in water)

Memet 100x70 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays in water)

Feminine Universe 100x70 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays in water)

The moon 76x50  (oil on canvas)

Classic music 100x70 (acrylic on canvas)

The mask 85x66 (acrylic on canvas)
Water 80x60 (oil on canvas)
Adrenalina 30x25 (acrylic on canvas)
Dark angel 50x50 (oil on canvas)

Nudo 1 60x66 (acrylic and press paper on canvas)
Nudo 2 86x66 ( acrylic and press paper on canvas)
38 London Bus 102x76 (Mix oil and acrylic on canvas)
Volare 30x25 (acrylic on canvas)
Mandragola 80x60 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays on water)
Godness 80x60 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays on water)

Determination 60x50 (oil on canvas)

Eclipse 80x60 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays on water)

Elements 80x60 canvas (oil-acrylic-clays on water)

Soul 40x30 (acrylic on canvas)

Christ 100x150 (0il on canvas)

The begin 80x60  canvas (oil-acrylic-clays on water)

Wind 80x60 (oil on canvas)

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